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Does your sofa need our expertise?

Before we get into our sofa cleaning services we’ve got a few questions to ask you…

Do you feel as though it’s time for a new sofa?

That is as maybe but if you would rather save yourself the expenditure of a whole new three piece suit, why not try employing our professional upholstery cleaning services first?

Have you seen our gallery recently?

We can work wonders with our sofa cleaning services and you could just save yourself a fortune by breathing life into your old furniture instead of needing to replace it.

Have you tried professional upholstery cleaning?

We tackle much more than just carpets around the home and, believe us, you’d be amazed what a difference we can make to furniture that you had previously thought was clean!

We learn to live with our sofas.

Particularly leather sofas are notoriously difficult to clean on your own and so we let the odd stain, fade or hint of grubbiness pass us by.

However, there is really no need.

Our sofa cleaning services include options for leather couches and can transform your living room more than you might imagine in just a few short hours.

Professional couch cleaning goesmuch deeper than any technique you can employ on your own, to really get inside the fabric of your furniture, remove dirt, dust mites and more.

Who are you sharing the sofa with?

If you have pets in the house that are allowed on the furniture, if you put your feet up or even if you’ve just had your sofa for quite a while, you’re not alone on there even when there is nobody sitting next to you.

Sofa cleaning services get rid of the dust mites and bacteria from dirt trapped within the fibres of your couch, so if you have allergy sufferers in the house this service could be of huge assistance to them.

Professional upholstery cleaning can tackle things like rugs, dining chairs and curtains as well, to really ensure that your home is dirt and bug free.

Whatever you Call it, Call Us

To some it’s professional couch cleaning, to others it’s sofa cleaning.

Whatever it is to you – your couch or your sofa – it’s home.

The place to cuddle up and get comfy at the end of a long day, so make sure it’s as inviting as possible.

Don’t live with stains or a grubby suite past its prime.
Contact The Manchester Carpet Cleaner and ask for our sofa cleaning services.