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The best way to clean marble floors

Marble is a beautiful material for a floor but when it comes to the marble floor cleaning it can be a nightmare.

It is both striking and hard wearing but marble is also a soft, delicate stone and can damage easily if not properly maintained. The Manchester Carpet Cleaner is also an experienced marble floor cleaner, so we thought we’d share a few of our pearls of wisdom on the subject. Be warned, it may make you think twice before entering into marble floor cleaning on your own.

Marble floor cleaning for maintenance

Marble floor cleaning needs to take place often, in order to remove debris that could scratch the surface of the stone.

The best way to clean marble floors on a day to day basis, in order to keep on top of this, is simply to sweep using a soft brush and to run a damp, soft mop over the surface afterwards, taking care to dry the marble floor afterwards.

Take care when selecting a marble floor cleaner

Some cleaning products – even natural ones like vinegar – can damage your marble floor and permanently dull its shine.

That is why care must be taken to select an appropriate, recommended, marble floor cleaner.

Day to day you can probably get away with sweeping and using a damp mop but to keep this temperamental stone looking its best your marble floor cleaning will need to consist of a more concerted effort from time to time.

When this time comes, it is much safer to employ a professional marble floor cleaner like ourselves than it is to have a go yourself and risk marking or staining your beautiful, probably very expensive, floor.

Emergency marble floor cleaning

If you spill anything on your marble floor it is important to clean it up right away, because otherwise it can seep into the stone and cause permanent staining.

If you are worried that a spillage has caused a stain and think an emergency marble floor cleaning is in order get in touch with us asap. We will do our best to make your emergency a matter or priority because we know that time is a factor when it comes to marble.
If you are in the Manchester area and need a marble floor cleaner, either as a matter of urgency or as a simple matter of maintenance, drop us a line.