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Householders in your area are turning to The Manchester Carpet Cleaner

For sofa, rug and carpet cleaning in Stockport, make it The Manchester Carpet Cleaner. We keep our area of operation local to guarantee the best levels of service at the lowest prices.

That’s why we have a host of happy customers in your area and plenty of testimonials to prove it.

We can also tackle tiled and stone floors, including marble, granite and slate and we undertake commercial work as well. Whether you’re a large or small organisation, turn to us if you’re in need of carpet cleaning.

Stockport businesses have used The Manchester Carpet Cleaner for years and we have built up a loyal customer base in the area.

Eco carpet cleaning Stockport

We’re the Stockport carpet cleaners and we’re also the steam carpet cleaners. We don’t believe in using harsh chemicals when water and steam can do the job. Nothing gets ride of dirt and dust mites like an industrial steam cleaning machine. Grubby grout and stained granite are best tackled the same way.

Following a carpet cleaning, Stockport residents can expect a reduction in allergies (which are often brought on by dust mites and pet hair trapped in the carpet), and can enter the rooms we have cleaned right away, without fear of inhaling toxic fumes.

By keeping our floor and carpet cleaning to Stockport and other local areas, we even save on petrol costs and all of those savings are passed on to our customers. When you hire The Manchester Carpet Cleaner we turn up with a state-of-the-art machine and our own power supply… just add water!

Why pay for professional carpet cleaning in Stockport?

With prices as low as ours there is simply no need to DIY. If you hire a carpet cleaning machine the chances are that it will come with lots of toxic chemicals for you to apply to your floor, that it will take time to collect, use and return and that the equipment won’t be up to the standard of our professional kit.

If you hire us for your carpet cleaning, Stockport householders can expect us on the doorstep asap, even with minimal notice, the job will be done in a short time, carpets will be safe to walk on right away (they just take a few hours to dry), no chemicals will be used AND you could pay the same or less for our service as you would to DIY!