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When our couch cleaning service could actually save you money!

Many people already recognise the benefits of booking our sofa cleaning service on a regular periodic basis, to keep their furniture as good as new.

However, it is very common for us to hear from a first time customer,

‘We had never even considered that professional couch cleaning was an option. We’re so glad we were told about you.’

Often what makes them glad is that, had they not heard about us, they would have spent out on a new three piece suit!

Naturally it makes people happy when they are able to save hundreds of pounds and have their living room returned to its former glory. Our sofa cleaning service really can save you money.

What our sofa cleaning service entails

We are Manchester’s eco friendly carpet cleaner. Naturally we are also the eco friendly upholstery cleaner for Manchester too. We don’t use harsh chemicals in our process. Mostly, we use nothing more than steam, along with our super duper industrial steam cleaner, to blast the bugs and the dirt out of sofas.

Believe us, there is no more effective way to get the job done. It’s safe, chemical free and kind to the environment too.

When to book our sofa cleaning service

Are you considering buying a new sofa? Ask yourself, ‘is it a new sofa I need or would I actually prefer to keep this one, if it could look as good as new?’ Depending on the answer we could save you money and save your sofa.

Has something been spilled or dropped on you sofa? You’ll be amazed at how our steam cleaner tackles stains.

Have you bought or been given a second hand sofa? If so, make it look like new with our sofa cleaning service.

A local upholstery cleaner for Manchester

We are a local upholstery cleaner that Manchester can trust. We keep our work to the immediate area in order to be available at short notice and so that you know we haven’t travelled miles, or footed a high fuel bill, to be with you.

It means that we are able to keep our professional couch cleaning costs the lowest around and that we can often be with you promptly, in those critical hours after something has been spilled on your upholstery.