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And what can go wrong when you don’t

Hands down the best carpet cleaner is always a professional carpet cleaner. You may have bought yourself a bottle of something or be looking at a DIY machine that claims to be the world’s best carpet cleaner but believe us, there are things that can go wrong when you clean your own carpets.

Even when everything goes to plan, the effects are rarely as good as they could be and it can even cost you more money, as well as a lot more energy.

We might be biased (OK, we’re definitely biased but we’re honest too) but we believe that it always pays to invest in professional carpet cleaning services. Here we’re going to tell you a few of the reasons why.

Why the best carpet cleaner is a professional carpet cleaner

There are plenty of DIY options for cleaning your carpet. The trouble is that, worst case scenario, using many of them could leave you with a ruined carpet. Believe us, professional carpet cleaners are often called in to fix the problems caused by DIY carpet cleaning adventures and even for us it is not always possible to do so.

Best case scenario, even if your carpet does end up looking cleaner and brighter without the aid of professional carpet cleaning services, the chances are that you will have had to use chemicals in order to get it looking that way. This isn’t ideal.

Dry cleaning your carpets, for example, usually means sprinkling a chemical product into the fibres of your carpet or rug before vacuuming it up. This achieves a superficial clean at best and some chemical product will always be left behind, on the floor that you will touch with your bare feet, where your children will play and your pets will lie.

This isn’t the healthiest, or the most effective option.

Chemical products of any description aren’t the best carpet cleaner option. Even a more heavy duty cleaning machine that you hire will likely use chemicals, making your carpet unsafe to walk on for a while and effecting the air quality in your home, as well as the environment.

Often, rather than even really cleaning your carpets, the chemicals simply mask stains. These machines aren’t cheap to hire either. It is likely to be more cost effective, as well as more effective and far easier, to engage a professional, such as ourselves, to steam clean your carpets.

The best carpet cleaners will steam clean your carpets

This is a bold but accurate statement. Steam, when used by a professional with a professional machine, is a safe, environmentally friendly, family friendly and oh so effective way to deep clean carpets.

When we steam clean your carpets you will see, smell and feel the difference instantly. The air is fresher, the lack of dust mites can even make it easier to breath in your home and the complete avoidance of any chemicals means that your carpets are safe to walk on right away.

Rid your carpets of stains and forget the hassle of cleaning your own floors by engaging the best carpet cleaner in Manchester. That’s us, in case you were wondering. You won’t beat our prices.