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Hire a professional carpet cleaner to improve your working environment

Do you have a good commercial cleaning services firm visit your work premises regularly? If not, perhaps your staff keeps the place looking ship shape.

Either way, how much time and consideration do you give to the specific task of office floor cleaning? If your office gets a good vacuum every few days you may feel that you have it handled but you would be amazed at the amount of dirt that can accumulate in a carpet.

For the health and comfort of your team, it is well worth building semi-regular carpet cleans into your office floor cleaning routine.

Commercial cleaning services for carpets

You’d be amazed at the difference a professional carpet cleaner can make to a space, even in a private home. In a living room occupied mostly by just a handful of people without their shoes on, dust and other grime accumulates enough that a yearly clean (or even more regular) will make a visible difference to the space, not to mention a difference to how fresh the place smells and how clean it feels.

Now imagine how much difference we could make in a busy office!

You may not have noticed that your office floor needs cleaning more deeply than usual but as the summer draws to an end and the heating comes on, you may notice a musty smell in the place, that you just can’t get rid of.

You could even notice members of your team coughing, having asthma flare ups or suffering from cold like symptoms and these things could, in part, be due to the dust mites in the carpet.

Dust mites cause allergic reactions in a lot of people and once you’re closed into the room with them during autumn and winter the effects are all the more pronounced.

In short, if you have a carpeted office, it’s really quite important to the quality of life of your staff – who, let’s face it, spend quite a lot of their life there – that you engage the services of a professional carpet cleaner from time to time.

If you have a carpet that has been down for a few years and has never been cleaned then try us; book our specialist commercial cleaning services and see what a difference we could make.

General office floor cleaning

No carpet? If you need a tiled office floor cleaning or a stone floor that is looking a little stained or grubby we can help with that too.

Contact us to discuss our commercial services.