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The Hilton Hotel in Deansgate prides itself on the quality of the interior and its standards of service and hospitality.

Amongst many other things this means making sure that all the bedrooms and public areas are kept in a clean and inviting manner.

So when it comes to the carpets and the seating, the people they trust are The Manchester Carpet Cleaner.

Over the years we have maintained all the public area carpets in the hotel, including restaurants together with carpets in over 100 bedrooms.

On top of this it is also important that all the conference chairs are kept scrupulously clean, which is why the oher day we returned to clean over 600 chairs in one day.

The Hilton are just one of many hotels, function rooms and hospitality venues that we look after, ensuring they always reflect the high standards required no matter how much use the venues are subjected to over time.

For further information on our carpet cleaning services for the hospitality industry, please do not hesitate to contact us or call 0161 885 2118 for a competitive quotation.

Our team will always roll out the red carpet.