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There’s no doubt that no matter how hard you try, families with kids seem to struggle to keep on top of carpet cleanliness. No surprise there!

Whether its food spills, innocent ink drawings, child painting exuberance or the family dog bringing the scenery in from outside, it’s not long before we have to come to the rescue.

In one such house recently, we were faced with significant staining to a lounge carpet and impressive inking to another!

Our team set to work straight away and had both carpets looking just how they should in no time. We use tried and tested techniques coupled with the latest and best equipment not just to remove the offending stains but leaving your carpet smelling fresh and clean. We have extremely knowledgeable and friendly team equipped with an array of ways to tackle any difficult stains.

As the pictures here attest, we were soon on our way, with a happy householder staring at a gleaming carpet and giving the kids the ‘never again’ look!

So if you have suffered a carpet disaster and can see from this what a difference we can make, just contact us or call 0161 885 2118 and we’ll get our team to you as fast as possible.