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One of our regular customers, The Kimpton Clocktower Hotel in Oxford Street, Manchester recently asked us for help in restoring the beautiful wooden parquet floor in their Refuge restaurant.

Obviously the room receives an enormous amount of traffic and inevitably a few food and drink spills along the way and the floor had gradually become unsightly with ingrained dirt across the entire floor.

On top of this, quite a few of the parquet bricks had become uneven and, in some cases, had worked loose.

It was time to get our experts to work! 

As you will see our first job was to remove the deep-rooted dirt within the floor using the appropriate cleaning solutions. We then followed this up with gentle sanding to completely clean and level the floor to give a smooth surface to work with.

We could also then see where the main issues with loose elements were and rebuild and re-affix these appropriately.

We were then able to apply a polish and seal to ensure the floor would be much better protected in the future, allowing us to keep it in tip-top condition going forward with much less maintenance going forward.

The client was delighted with the result which has transformed the look of the restaurant overnight, providing a much better environment for their guests.

As you can see our expertise goes well beyond carpets, so if you have wooden floors that could do with some tender, loving care call us today for advice and guidance. Our friendly team are available on 0161 885 2118 or contact us here.