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It’s time to astonish Alderley Edge

What can we say, our cleaning results in Alderley Edge really will amaze you, we offer the best carpet cleaning Alderley Edge has to offer.

We can take any old, lifeless looking carpet and turn it into a fresh, newly looking one, same goes for any piece of furniture which has been taken advantage of for many years.

  • We’re local
  • We’re experienced
  • We’re professional
  • We’re affordable

The Manchester Carpet Cleaner is an expert cleaning company in Alderley Edge specialising in carpet cleaning as well as all aspects of floor and furniture cleaning.

Fresh looking & smelling

It’s not just the look of the newly cleaned floor and furniture you’re going to love, it’s the smell too.

A fresh smell will linger in the air while you can sit comfortably on your lovely and clean furniture.

It’s not just the homes of Alderley Edge we are there to care for when it comes to the floor and furniture cleaning, we have a to service for commercial cleaning too, helping you create the most perfect and positive image or your business.

In desperate need of our help? Not a problem, get in touch today; 0161 885 2118.