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Our multi-floor surface skills keep hotels in top condition.

Many of the hotels in the Greater Manchester area rely on us to keep their floor areas at the highest possible standards for their guests. Many hotels have the added complexity of several different floor surfaces with which to contend. They may have a marble or hard floor in reception where footfall is high, a […]

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Wooden floor transformed for Kimpton Clocktower.

One of our regular customers, The Kimpton Clocktower Hotel in Oxford Street, Manchester recently asked us for help in restoring the beautiful wooden parquet floor in their Refuge restaurant. Obviously the room receives an enormous amount of traffic and inevitably a few food and drink spills along the way and the floor had gradually become […]

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We take a shine to Leonardo’s.

We recently returned to Leonardo’s Hotel at the Albert Dock in Liverpool, six months after we completely refurbished their fabulous marble floor in their reception lobby. As a result of the preparation, cleaning and preservation conducted at the time, we only need to come back twice a year to provide very light maintenance to maintain […]

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Doctor finds covid remnants hard to shift.

We recentlly were called to a doctor’s surgery in Glossop, whicvh despite some initial attempts. were struggling to remove the now thankfully redundant Covid floor stickers that were hastily installed during the pandemic. The use of strong adhesive meant that much of this residue remained even when the staff had tried to remove the offending […]

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Slate Floor Cleaning
Slate floor cleaning by professionals in Manchester

An expert clean for your slate flooring in Manchester Slate flooring can look beautiful but, let’s face it, can be a pain to clean. Slate is porous and a relatively soft stone, so it can scratch and damage easily if not handled with care. As well as our staple carpet cleaning services, here at The […]

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Marble floor cleaning for Manchester
We provide marble floor cleaning in Manchester

Our advice for cleaning marble floors We don’t just do carpets you know? Indeed not. In fact, if you cover your floor with it, the chances are that we are pretty darn skilled at getting it clean. Our core skills definitely extend to marble floor cleaning. Manchester Carpet Cleaner has also been ‘Marble Floor Cleaner […]

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Number one for carpet cleaning in Stockport
Examples of our carpet cleaning in Stockport

Householders in your area are turning to The Manchester Carpet Cleaner For sofa, rug and carpet cleaning in Stockport, make it The Manchester Carpet Cleaner. We keep our area of operation local to guarantee the best levels of service at the lowest prices. That’s why we have a host of happy customers in your area […]

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Granite floor cleaning from The Manchester Carpet Cleaner
Professional granite floor cleaning

All the care and attention your granite flooring needs Granite floor tiles can look fabulous. They are a striking addition to any space and are incredibly hard wearing, as well as high quality. Properly cared for, a granite floor can last a lifetime but approach maintenance in the wrong way and you could quickly live […]

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10 reasons to book a professional carpet cleaning in Manchester
Services for professional carpet cleaning in Manchester

We’re here for you If you haven’t used a professional carpet cleaning company like The Manchester Carpet Cleaner in the past 18 months then there are plenty of good reasons to think about doing so. You may think that your carpets, rugs and tiles are clean you don’t need us. You may think that you […]

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We’re the professionals for marble floor cleaning in Manchester
Expert marble floor cleaning in Manchester

The best way to clean marble floors Marble is a beautiful material for a floor but when it comes to the marble floor cleaning it can be a nightmare. It is both striking and hard wearing but marble is also a soft, delicate stone and can damage easily if not properly maintained. The Manchester Carpet […]

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