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Does your bedroom floor have ten times more bacteria than a toilet seat?
Carpet cleaning services in Manchester

We couldn’t help noticing a recent article in the Daily Mail which features stomach-churning images showing that a bedroom floor can harbour TEN times more bacteria than a toilet seat – because half of people NEVER clean it. Recent studies showed that bedroom floors are the dirtiest with ten times more bacteria and yeast than […]

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We’re the professionals for marble floor cleaning in Manchester
Expert marble floor cleaning in Manchester

The best way to clean marble floors Marble is a beautiful material for a floor but when it comes to the marble floor cleaning it can be a nightmare. It is both striking and hard wearing but marble is also a soft, delicate stone and can damage easily if not properly maintained. The Manchester Carpet […]

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Why choose us for professional carpet cleaning?
Ready to provide some professional carpet cleaning

Expert cleaning your carpets need We’ve been in the carpet cleaning business in Manchester for a long time now so trusting us for your professional carpet cleaning is easy. We know our area and we know our profession. These are the main reasons to opt for The Manchester Carpet Cleaner when you’re in need of […]

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The Commercial Cleaners in Manchester that your business needs

Is your Business Ready for a Thorough Clean? As a business ourselves we know how important it is to make a great impression. Of course we have high cleaning standards but that’s pretty obvious as we are cleaners in Manchester but keeping your office clean might not be something you do enough of and keep […]

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Expert Rug Cleaning in Manchester

Exactly What Your Rug Needs When you buy a rug it feels and look fabulous but over time it can lose this and start looking rather tatty and worn out. It’s about time this changed and it’s about time we made the change for you with our rug cleaning in Manchester. Here at The Manchester […]

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The Specialists for Carpet Cleaning in Manchester
Carpet Cleaning Altrincham, Carpet Cleaners, Hale, Hale Barns, Bowdon.

Manchester’s #1 Choice We’re a specialist cleaning company in Manchester so cleaning is in our blood, cleaning is what we love to do but for you it might not be on the top of your to do list and it definitely may not be something you enjoy doing! One area that we are highly skilled […]

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We Are The Manchester Carpet Cleaner

For All Your Floor & Furniture Cleaning Needs in Manchester You might not know us yet but you will by time you’ve finished reading this. If you didn’t know already we are The Manchester Carpet Cleaner, you may be aware of our work already as we are part of The Big Orange Cleaning Company. We […]

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