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Examples of our work

We achieve amazing results on a daily basis with carpets, upholstery, rugs and more. Below you can find a variety of examples highlighting what we do best. This is not a “Best of Reel”, we genuinely take pictures like these all the time. If you don’t believe us, check out our facebook or Instagram.

stained hallway in home carpet cleaning example
The busiest of hallways, even with a regular vacuum, end up like this. We regularly remove the stains and dirt from heavy footfall from the busiest of businesses and homes
chemical stained carpet cleaning example before
This client had tried a competitor before trying us. They failed to remove the flood damage and further stained the carpet with harsh chemicals
chemical stained carpet cleaning example after
With the correct cleaning solutions and a bit of elbow grease, we managed to remove the majority of the stains and harsh chemicals
waste after chemical stain removal from carpet clean
Just look at the harsh cleaning chemicals used by a competitor that we've removed from this carpet. We only use hot water and eco friendly cleaning solutions
primary school rug cleaning example comparison
We love them but wow are kids messy! We had this primary school rug stain and bug free, ready for the next day!
commercial dining chair cleaning example comparison 01
We had these luxury dining chairs looking brand new in no time, ready for the next special occasion
apartment living room stained carpet clean comparison 01
You can easily compare the results from the clean to the previously dirty and stained carpet in this living room.
carpeted stairs cleaning example comparison
The owner of these carpets thought they needed to replace them. We came, we did our thing and made them look brand new
expensive mattress cleaning 01 before and after comparison
I know which side of the bed I'd rather sleep on! You can clearly see the difference and the results our professional mattress cleaning can achieve
sofa cleaning manchester, stockport, altrincham, sale
This customer forgot what the original colour of their sofa was! After we worked our magic (and used some very expensive equipment) this sofa was given a new lease of life
sofa cleaning manchester, stockport, altrincham, sale
This sofa just deserves to be clean and bright. After a deep and thorough clean, you can see that beautiful pink pop again

What we’ve been up to

Find a bit more about who we are and see below some of the amazing locations we are asked to clean.

outside the principal hotel in manchester
We work at some of the most prestigious venues in town! The Principal is one of our many happy clients
take your kids to work day
Sometimes on the busiest of days, it's time to call in reinforcements #TakeYourKidsToWorkDay
adlington hall plaque
Up market venues
van parked outside jll residential in manchester
Some of the biggest companies in Manchester trust us to maintain and clean their carpets
van parked outside lyme park hall in stockport
Working at Lyme Park in Stockport and in such a beautiful and historical location was a particular highlight this year
parked outside hazel grove snooker club
Cleaning the carpets at such a variety of venues and meeting different people makes light of a days work
our carpet cleaning team
We get amazing results, use professional equipment and arrive with a smile every time
our latest carpet cleaning machines ready for their next job
Our expert carpet cleaning machines are one of the best assets to our team
our van outside play factore in trafford manchester
Play Factore wanted clean carpets so children could play and learn in a safe and hygienic environment
cleaning chairs at withington golf club
Not a bad view when cleaning and refreshing the chairs for Withington Golf Club
arriving to clean the carpets at chancellor hotel in manchester