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Specialist treatment is vital

Hard floor cleaning and restoration is usually specified in buildings where there is very heavy traffic, often with immediate pedestrian routes in from outside. There is a popular misconception that because these floors are hard they don’t deteriorate over time and regular mopping and buffing will return them to their original state.

Nothing could be further from the truth – not only do they need careful hard floor cleaning and restoring, but if done badly or cheaply, with the wrong materials and techniques, it can ruin the floors long term and actually do more harm than good.

Thats why offer this specialist service through The Manchester Hard Floor Cleaner (TMHFC), a division of The Manchester Carpet Cleaner.

We specialise in the detailed care of hard floors of all types and we focus on two things.

Firstly, the deep cleaning or restoration of all hard floors such as concrete, terrazzo, flag stone, tile, wood and many more. Secondly, the maintenance of the floor, meaning you should not have to restore it ever again.

Our philosophy is to help you maintain beautiful looking surfaces, that can only be possible with the right products, quality of work, experience and value.

We have cleaned or restored hard floors that are hundreds of years old. We have also cleaned and restored floors in recently built properties that have been cleaned with incorrect or harmful products, to their detriment.

On completion of any job we undertake, we will leave you with the correct information and products to clean and maintain the floor for literally decades after we have finished. We also offer ongoing maintenance of these floors if required.

Check out these hard floor cleaning projects – before and after.

The difference is startling – most clients can’t believe the improvement!

Let’s take a quick look at all these types of floors we work with and how we treat them properly.

Wood floors

In our opinion, one of the most beautiful floors you can have is wood, whether parquet, overlay, basket weave, herringbone or standard strip in oak, walnut, bamboo, beech, mahogany or maple. Wood is cool.

If your wood floor is dull or damaged or you have just discovered a wood floor under the carpet, you don’t need a new floor, you need us. We will restore it to new and show you how to keep it looking stunning for a price that will surprise you. Done correctly, you could have a very dramatic looking floor.

Stone floors

We love all types of stone floor, marble, lime stone, travertine, sand stone, slate, flag stone, terrazzo, terracotta, concrete and tile. They are full of natural beauty,

We have been to many properties where the new owner has removed a carpet to find a stone floor the previous owner covered, for reasons known only to them. We have restored the floor, brought it to its former glory, and to the customers delight, they look marvellous.

DIY solutions and off the shelf stone floor tile cleaning products must be avoided no matter what they claim. Most stone needs it’s own solution and only then in the hands of a professional.

Ceramic floors

We offer a full range of ceramic and porcelain tile floor cleaning services, from simple polishing to full cleaning, restoration and resealing. We can erase scratches and moisture marks, apply specialist solutions to restore shine and bring the original lustre back into your floor.

Marble and Granite floors

Marble and granite due to their natural colouring and marking can look very striking. These can be brought to a mirror finish or as some like to call it, the wet look.

Unfortunately a lot of people think marble is tougher or harder than it actually is. In fact it’s about as hard as a two pence piece, that’s why most marble floors are dull and full of microscopic scratches, which house dirt and bacteria.

We guarantee our floors and the work we do on them for life so you will never have to restore your floor again.

Marble will always be one of the most outstanding natural stones available for use in the home, office, hotel, restaurant and so on. Restore your floor once, correctly and there should be no reason to do it again other than simple cleaning.

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Cleaning and restoring hard floors is a job for the experts. Experts who can return your floor to it’s original condition and treat it such a way to maintain that look for years to come. Beware cheap imitations!

Many of our hard floor clients return time after time to use our services such are our standards and reliability. Why not join them?

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