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Restoring and cleaning marble flooring by experts

We specialise in marble floor cleaning and restoration and aim to return your floors to the day they were laid, something most cleaning companies simply can’t achieve.

Marble flooring is a lovely type of flooring, it creates a beautiful look in any room and is strong and durable for a long period of time however what some people don’t consider is the upkeep of the flooring and keeping it as clean and presentable as possible.

You might think it’s easy to clean by just brushing up the bits and giving it a mop but really, it’s not that simple.

The Manchester Carpet Cleaner has an expert team who have over 15 years of experience and can guarantee the best results for marble floor cleaning and restoration in Manchester. We use the best equipment, most efficient cleaning methods and can guarantee we will exceed any and all expectations you have when it comes to the final result.

Marble floors need specialist attention and care.

We’ve been in the marble floor cleaning industry for a long period of time we and have the experience and expertise behind us to provide the best possible results.

We set ourselves the highest standards when it comes to marble floor cleaning in Manchester to ensure we can provide a 100% customer satisfaction on all our cleaning.

Marble and granite due to their natural colouring and marking can look utterly striking. These can be brought to a mirror finish or as some like to call it, the wet look. This can be brought about by several methods from diamond pads, honing or burnishing, it depends how bad your floor is.

Unfortunately a lot of people think marble is tougher or harder than it actually is. In fact it’s about as hard as a 2p piece, that’s why most marble floors are dull and full of microscopic scratches, which houses dirt and bacteria.

How we restore your marble floor.

We begin by grinding or honing the top layer of the floor with specialist oscillating machines and pads of differing coarseness. This allows us to remove any marks or scratches from the surface. The coarseness of the pads will depend on the condition of the floor, the damage and scratches. We promise you, the results are fantastic. Our machines and expertise will ensure that the grinding of your floor leaves a smooth, flawless and beautiful finish. And this is only the beginning.

Giving your marble floors the look you want.

Once your floor has been ground to a completely flat surface, we will finish your floor however you want. Some people leave it at that and go for a completely natural finish while others finish with a seal and polish over the top. These range in finish from a matt, eggshell, satin or full wet look.

Our process is in several stages that removes any existing sealant and treats significant stains or marks as thoroughly as possible. We then use a number of products to achieve a high quality finish.

We guarantee our floors and the work we do on them for life so you will never have to restore your floor again.

Marble will always be one of the most outstanding natural stones available for use in the home, office, hotel, restaurant and so on. Restore your floor once, correctly and there should be no reason to do it again other than simple cleaning.

Choose us for your marble floor cleaning and restoration in Manchester – give us a call today on 0161 885 2118 or contact us now.