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Our high end equipment and expert knowledge doesn’t only apply to carpets but sofa cleaning in Manchester too!

We also guarantee fantastic results when it comes to cleaning that precious sofa, settee or couch. Whether it’s an accidental spillage that’s stained a cushion or you want your sofa looking like new again. We can provide an instant and free quote over the phone and arrange to be there at your convenience.

Do you know what you’re sitting on!?

Got a sofa or chair that’s seen better days? If your sofa has gradually become a member of the family, it can be hard to see how much muck and grime has built up over time. It’s surprising just how new and unrecognisable your couch will look after our team has worked their magic.

Our sofa cleaning equipment flushes the fabric with a combination of hot water and eco friendly chemicals and extracts most dirt. This, combined with our knowledge, ensures we get the best results but don’t cause any damage.

We recommend you don’t go replacing your sofa just yet, but try our much cheaper alternative.

The Manchester Carpet Cleaner have been a professional upholstery cleaning company for many years now. We know all the tips and tricks to breathe a new lease of life back into your treasured sofas and armchairs instead of your having to fork out for a new 3 piece suite.

The freshest sofa cleaning in and around Manchester

Cleaning sofas is one of our more popular requests. One reason being the results we have consistently provided for years to homes and businesses across Manchester. Don’t just take our word for it, see the results for yourself.

We can assure you that our cleaning methods are the best around. They will give you the best results and won’t cause any damages to your furniture. The only thing we’ll do is bring the freshness back to them by both removing odours and stains. Our aim is to get your sofa as close to how it looked when you bought it as possible.

It can’t be the perfect living room if the furniture is in a terrible condition. It will be the perfect living environment when you have opted for our sofa cleaning services in Manchester.

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