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Some things really are best left to the professionals.

We recently visited a lady who was rather upset and wondered if we could rescue her carpet.

She admitted that she had stains and dirt on the carpets in two rooms and thought it would be cheaper and easier for her to clean them herself.

To this end, she hired a carpet cleaning machine, bought chemicals, and spent two days trying to clean the offending areas – but without success.

In fact, in the process she had so badly flooded the carpet with water and chemicals that we said that nothing could be done, and she’d have to replace the carpets completely. 

Calculating the cost of this ill-fated exercise offers valuable lessons.

The cost of machine hire and chemicals was £110. New carpet and underlay cost £850 and the carpet fitter was £80. This adds up to an expensive mistake totally over a thousand pounds, before you take into account the homeowner’s time over two days.  

Our cost to professionally clean both carpets?


When it comes to expensive elements of your home, it always pays to get professional help and advice. Avoid shedding tears. Talk to us today.