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We love all types of stone floor cleaning and restoration, no matter what the material – limestone, travertine, sand stone, slate, flag stone or terracotta. All these floors are full of natural beauty with their own markings, crevices and pigments and they all need to be cared for with specialist stone cleaning and sealing experts.

DIY solutions and off the shelf stone floor tile cleaning products are to be avoided no matter what they claim. Most stone needs it’s own solution and only then in the hands of a professional.

We have been to many properties where the new owner has removed a carpet to find a stone floor the previous owner covered for reasons known only to them. We have restored the floor, brought it to its former glory, and to the customers delight, they look marvellous.

Different sealers can be used from impregnating sealers, colour intensifiers and wet-look acrylic surface sealers to highlight beautiful light marbles, tan coloured travertine’s, dark grey limestone’s, rustic slates and polished granites and marbles.

Stone floor cleaning makes it like new again!

As stone flooring is natural it becomes dirty and damaged over time. The good news is that your stone floor can be cleaned, polished and sealed and made to look like new again, or better!

We have a process that cleans your stone floor, polishes your stone floors and seal’s your stone floors. With all our floor restorations we can give a lifetime guarantee that it will never need restoring again. After we have finished cleaning your stone floors it will bring them a whole new class and style, leaving them looking fresh and newly fitted.

All you need to do is call 0161 885 2118 or contact us to see how on earth we do it.

Leave it to our professionals to come in and take care of the stone floor cleaning in Manchester.