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Here at The Manchester Carpet Cleaner we also offer a very popular mattress cleaning service to all of our clients.

Whilst people regularly change and clean the sheets on their bed, this does not often extend to the mattress.

It is a known fact however that mattresses, over time, begin to harbour all manner of ‘nastys’ that really need to be removed to maintain good levels of hygiene in your home.

Have you noticed that your bedroom often smells musty? If you have, the chances are that’s because your mattress needs a clean.

We all spend around eight hours a night, every night in bed. When you’re warm, you sweat and you lie there for long enough for this to gradually soak through to the mattress together with hair and dust, night after night. Any other food or drink spills can also add to the problem.

Even the normal amount of dust in any house means that any dense material object like a mattress will invariably be become full of dust mites.

Many people are allergic to dust mites, so if you find yourself with a stuffy nose or other allergy symptoms at night, your mattress may well be the cause and a professional clean will certainly result in a much better night’s sleep.

But a word of warning. Cleaning your mattress yourself will only remove surface dirt, whereas our professional team will leave your mattress thoroughly cleaned, removing stains, trapped dust and any other dirt and importantly get right into the deep fibres, leaving it clean and fresh throughout.

Check out these before and after photos of mattress cleaning to see the amazing difference!

Sleep more peacefully in a fresher, sweeter smelling bedroom.

Don’t leave it for another day, especially if you have had your mattress for some time. Contact us today or call 0161 885 2118 for free advice and a competitive quote.