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Increasingly as schools and colleges improve and expand their interior space, more and more students get to benefit from carpet of one sort or another beneath their feet.

Whilst this is a welcome upgrading of standards in appropriate room settings, it does provide challenges in what are usually high footfall areas.

Carpets will gradually be come grubby as a rest of normal dirt in gress brought in on a daily basis on the shoes of pupils and staff alike. Combine this with students (and teachers!) who perhaps unintentionally but inevitably drop crisps, spill a fizzy drink or coffee, or experience a bit of an ink or paint accident and it’s clear that carpet and upholstery cleaning is going to be part of the maintenance routine.

The Manchester Carpet Cleaner already works with a number of schools and colleges to provide a high quality service, cleaning carpets and where necessary upholstered chairs to maintain standards of cleanliness and hygiene throughout.

The picture above are from a recent carpet cleaning exercise as St Matthew’s RC High School in Moston returned to full action post-Covid.

Are you responsible for carpet cleaning and maintenance at your school or college? If so we’d be delighted to discuss how our services could help either now or in the future, whether these are simply ad hoc or ’emergency’ cleans or an ongoing maintenance programme depending on your specific circumstances.

Many of our commercial clients return time after time to use our services, such are our standards and reliability. Why not join them?

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