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We recently tackled a tricky and potentially ruinous situation with an expensive sofa.

A quantity of pollen had dropped from a flower display onto the sofa and we knew we would have to tackle this with great care. Often people will immediately try to brush it off, or worse still apply a wet cloth or water to try and remove with catastrophic unremovable stains.

We know from past experience that it is a very specialist process in order to stop it from permanently staining the sofa.

First thing was to gentle vacuum as much of the pollen dust as possible. It was important not to rub the pollen as this would’ve pushed the pollen into the fibre making it much harder to remove.

Once the loose pollen had been removed it was time to work on the more stubborn pollen left behind so we applied citrus gel (which is an amazing stain remover) to the affected area and left it to dwell for 2-3 minutes.

Then with a clean white towel gently blotted (not rubbed) the area until there was little to no pollen on the fabric, we then gave the whole area a thorough rinse using our powerful extraction machine with cool water mixed with fibre and fabric rinse. 

If we’d applied off-the-shelf cleaning products to remove the pollen they would have just made the stain permanent. Not only do these products contain oxygen based bleaching agents but they also make the fibres vulnerable to the stain as they take away any protection the fibres might already have and allow the stain to enter deeply into the fibres.

Also as they are liquids, if they were applied and mixed with pollen they would create a very strong dye this combined with the bleaching agent would allow the stain to work its self deep into the fibre more often than not becoming permanent.

Whether you have pollen deposits on furniture or carpet, please don’t try and solve the problem yourself. You will require specialist help – give us a call and we can come out and see you, before any irreperable damage is done. Contact us today.