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Domestic Prices

For an exact quote, please call us or as a guide, refer to our average prices below:

For the first room
For 2 rooms in total
For 3 rooms in total

Any additional rooms to the first three will be charged at £20 per room. The cost for cleaning your hallway, stairs and landing is £45 in total. We would always recommend cleaning all of the carpets throughout your house, but we’re bound to say that! Removing the dirt and bacteria from all of your carpets helps prevents cross contamination and spreading of dirt as well as bugs.

Commercial Prices

We’d love to show you an exact price to clean your businesses carpets, however, as you’re probably aware, not every business is the same. We can quickly provide an accurate quote over the phone after discussing what makes your business so special! Please call us on 0161 885 2118 or alternatively email us at info@ You can also use the contact form below if you’d prefer.

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