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The eco friendly method is the best method!

At The Manchester Carpet Cleaner we pride ourselves on being eco friendly cleaners.

Eco friendly cleaning is not just good for the environment, it’s also the best way to get the job done and the fastest route to a thoroughly clean carpet.

Plus, the fact that we use steam cleaning means that we have no need to spend money on cleaning products, enabling us to keep our costs low.

So there are more benefits to hiring eco friendly cleaners than you might think.

How do eco friendly cleaners work?

We can’t speak for everyone but at The Manchester Carpet Cleaner we use a professional steam cleaner to rid carpets and rugs of dirt and dust mites.

We find steam to be the most effective method of cleaning bar none.

If you have pets and/or allergy sufferers in your household then having your carpets steam cleaned could make a big difference to your way of life.

Dust mites and pet hairs can trigger allergies, as well as breathing conditions like asthma.

A thorough steam cleaning of your carpets on a regular basis will get rid of dust mites and other contaminants completely, leaving your home looking and smelling cleaner and your family able to breath more easily.

The benefits of hiring eco friendly cleaners

Naturally, eco friendly cleaning is better for the environment.

Harsh chemicals release vapours into the air that can be harmful when breathed in, as well as harmful to the planet.

However, there are many more immediately tangible benefits to for going chemical cleaning products in the cleaning of your carpets and rugs.

  • Better for your family

Children crawl on your carpets, you walk barefoot on them and your pets lie on them.

If they have been cleaned with chemical cleaners then these chemicals can make their way into the bodies of people who come into contact with them.

Steam cleaning gets carpets cleaner than any chemical cleaning product will do, leaving behind no residue, so carpets are safe to walk on right away (though a little damp, so we recommend you wait just a few hours before you do).

  • Better for your bank balance

Eco friendly cleaners spend less money on cleaning products, so that’s one less cost for us to pass onto our clients – it’s as simple as that.

  • Better cleaning power

If you’ve ever used a domestic steam cleaner you will have witnessed how powerful steam is as a cleaning agent.

Simply by filling our tank with water and using our industrial steam cleaner to wash your carpets we will get them more thoroughly clean than we could using any other method.

To hire our eco friendly cleaners to wash your carpets and rugs give us a call any time.

We only work in the Manchester area, so even the emissions used to get to you will be low.