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If you haven’t used a professional carpet cleaning company like The Manchester Carpet Cleaner in the past 18 months then there are plenty of good reasons to think about doing so.

You may think that your carpets, rugs and tiles are clean you don’t need us.

You may think that you can DIY but believe us, there are many reasons why it makes sense to make professional carpet cleaning a regular investment.

Let us tell you a few of them.

Why choose our professional carpet cleaning services

Reduce allergic reactions

Your carpet may look clean but if it hasn’t experienced thorough carpet cleaning services for a while then it will be home to dust mites.

Many people are highly allergic to dust mites, so if a member of your family suffers with coughs, sneezes or a runny nose a lot – particularly in the winter when the windows are closed and the heating is on – then they may well be allergic.

People who suffer from asthma and other breathing related disorders can also have their conditions triggered by dust mites.

Our carpet cleaning services get rid of them completely, allowing you and your family to breath more easily.

Remove pet hair

Just think how many pet hairs you see on tiled and wooden flooring.

Think about how much hair our furry friends leave all over our clothes!

If you have a pet then all of that and more is working its way into the carpets and rugs around your home every day. A professional carpet cleaning is the only sure fire way to leave the flooring in your home completely fur free and spotless.

Make your home smell fresh

You probably think that your home smells fresh right now. It may well do but do you ever feel that it’s a constant battle to keep it that way? Are you dusting, hoovering and using air fresheners all the time to stop it from getting musty?

That’s because no matter how much you clean you simply can’t get rid of the trapped dust, hair, fur, dirt etc from your carpet without a visit from a good carpet cleaning service.

You’ll be amazed how much fresher your home feels following a visit from us.

Use eco friendly steam cleaning

Professional carpet cleaning doesn’t have to mean harsh chemicals.

We use one thing and one thing only to clean your carpets – steam. It’s environmentally friendly, low cost and the most powerful carpet cleaner there is.

It’s also pet and child friendly.

After we leave your spotless floors are safe for kids and pets right away, with no dangerous fumes to worry about (though they will be a little damp so we advise that you leave them to dry for a few hours).

Shop local to save money

The Manchester Carpet Cleaner is exactly that – a company providing carpet cleaning in Manchester and surrounding areas.

As well as using eco friendly steam as a cleaning method, we also don’t rack up huge petrol bills. We keep our costs low and pass those savings onto our customers. Shopping local really does pay.

Save yourself the effort of DIY

It is possible to clean your own carpets but to give them a real deep clean without professional carpet cleaning equipment like ours isn’t easy and isn’t as effective. For the time and effort you could go to in order to leave you with carpets that still won’t be as clean as they could be, it’s always advisable to leave the job to the professionals.

Potentially save money on professional carpet cleaning VS DIY

Hiring carpet cleaning equipment can be expensive. More expensive, in some case, than it is to get us round and completely do the job for you!

Plus the equipment you hire is unlikely to be as powerful as the steam cleaner we’re packing in our van, complete with its own high powered generator, so as not to add to your electricity bill.

Prolong the life of your carpets and rug

A professional carpet cleaning can liven up a carpet or rug that you thought you needed to replace.

Before you spend out on new flooring, try having your existing carpets cleaned. You might be surprised.

Maintain wood and marble

These types of flooring need to be protected and polished from time to time. We can bring them up a treat! We may also be able to help you remove small imperfections to improve the look of your flooring.

Make tile grouting look as good as new

Floor tiles are pretty hard wearing but when they get grubby they often stay that way and when the grout gets dirty it can have a big impact on the aesthetic.

Grouting is not easy to clean, unless of course you have a high powered steam cleaner like ours that can have it looking as good as new in no time!